CHURCH HISTORY


  Christ Centered Community Church a/k/ a Christ Centered Community Mission was formulated in November 2005. The Mission is a visionary response of  God. The vision was given to Reverend Sylvia J. King, who took GOD at his Word and secured a location to begin work. Upon securing a location, she then went to her mentor and father in the ministry Rev, Dr. Andrew W. Tilly, Pastor of the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, who in turn consecrated and ordained the Mission to begin its work. A location was secured at 217 Market Street (downtown), Johnstown, Pa. and on November 27, 2005 Christ Centered Community Mission held its inaugural service. For 2 years as the Church continued to followed the dictates of the Holy Spirit the people just  lift up the name of Jesus knowing he would do the drawing.


Reverend King continued her work in Prison Ministry, HIV  Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service, and General Health Education. She began to introduce each facet of the ministry to the congregation who graciously accepted the work and became active participants. The work load increased because, the need became greater consequently, the Lord said, "EXPAND". In April 2008, an Outreach was opened next door to the Mission at 227 Market Street. The Outreach Center, which was staffed by volunteers, has 4 certified HIV counselors, and 2 Drug and Alcohol peer counselors. The Outreach Center offers a variety of services.


In November of 2008 the Church opened a Retail Clothing store, specializing in Men's  and Women's clothing, to help offset the cost of the services performed. The store was dedicated and blessed on November 11, 2008 by Rev; Dr. Ralp Johnson and Rev. Dr. Andrew Tilly. 


Even, with the Outreach Center in place the actual  Worship Center at 217 Market Street was still to small too accommodate the growing work of the Church. Rev. Calvin T. McCray (brother and friend) introduced Rev. King to Rev. Dr. Devorek. At that time, Rev. Devorek was the Shepherd of (2) Churches in Johnstown. First Christian Church, located on Vine street and  St. John's United Church of Christ located on Somerset  Street. For a brief period of time, "The Mission" relocated to Vine Street. However, when the congregation on Somerset Street disbanded it was just Divine Providence which allowed the church to move to it's now permanent location at 531 Somerset Street. Christ Centered Community Church's 1st service on Somerset Street took place on our actual 3rd Anniversary, November 23, 2008.



"MARK 9:23"