OUR PASTOR

                                             REVEREND SYLVIA J. KING

                                                                                        CHRIST CENTERED COMMUNITY CHURCH

                                                                                 531 SOMERSET STREET

                                                                                JOHNSTOWN, PA., 15901







Johnstown Symphony Orchestra - Share The Music

The JSO, Goodwill Industries of the Conemaugh Valley (GICV) and CCCC have partnered to, Share-the Music, with a new music appreciation and education program for area children and youth. A high-priority objective of the partnership is to combine community resources to train children to become future musicians, and inspire then to tap into a new dimension of creativity and imagination that will improve their academic achievements. This program will allow children who may not have an opportunity or resources available to have free music lessons.



Environmental Education: is the process of developing that capacity, environmental knowledge that would enable them to safeguard public health, protect natural resources, support energy conservation efforts, and engage in the movement toward a more sustainable future. The National Park Service will provide lessons focused on outdoor education and healthy lifestyles through outdoor recreation. Youth participants will attend monthly recreation outings (e.g., hiking and fishing) which will involve experiential learning in outdoor settings. Participants will, for example, hike the trails associated with the 1889 Johnstown Flood.


Bike Riding: Staple Bend and Dill Town

Greenhouse Project



Youth Mentorship


COMMUNITY THAT CARE:   Provide strategic training and research based tools to help community work together.


CAMBRIA COUNTY HEALTH AND WELFARE:  Collaboration of various non-profit and for profit businesses.



Established to preserve the history of African Americans ant to promote awareness of the significant African American contributions rendered in the development of Greater Johnstown. The society acknowledges similarities and differences that influence individual and collective values.



Entering our 21st year of having joint Sunday School every 4th Sunday.

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Bethel A.M.E. Church

Jefferson Memorial F.B. Church

Christ Centered Community Church



The project is a collaborative effort of ACRP, Beginnings, Inc., CEM: Johnstown, Christ Centered Community Church, The Learning Lamp and Trojan Learning Center of Greater Johnstown School District. The project aims to bridge the hunger gap, that occurs over the weekend for children who have limited access to nutritional food while not in school, and is administered by one or more of the afore named organizations.




SWIMMING:  YMCA and YWCA - Swimming lessons for youth




YOUTH FINANCIAL LITERACY:  Co-sponsored by Ameriserv and Cambria Rowe





In 2010, a working group that later took the name, Greater Prospect, began meeting monthly around the idea of looking at how to address some of the most basic needs of the neighborhood. The committee was made up of representatives of then neighborhood churches as well as other interested people from within and without the immediate community. In 2011 the group organized a nonprofit organization and gave it the name Greater Prospect, Inc., with a vision of making Prospect a greater place, one that would serve the needs of it's people and attract others from outside the neighborhood who wanted to be a part of its community-building efforts.



  1. It will be a nonprofit store owned by the community
  2. It will be a place for convenience items, i.e., bread, milk, etc.. that would be safe to send children
  3. It will focus on health food to promote good nutrition and to educate people on what good nutrition is, although typical soda, snack cakes and chips would be available on a limited basic. " NO CIGARETTES OR LOTTERY SALES".
  4. A community garden will be started to support the store
  5. Volunteers will create prepared food for sale as a way to create another revenue stream for the store
  6. The store will serve people within the neighborhood and will as well become a destination for fresh and local food throughout Greater Johnstown, both as a way to increase sales and to show the neighborhood as a positive place
  7. The store space will also accommodate classes, canning classes, etc.
  8. WIC and SNAP approval will be sought
  9. A laundry mat is critical to the people in the neighborhood
  10. The building will be environmentally and energy efficient
  11. Either as part of this project or separately, a neighborhood pantry will be estlabished






Pastor Sylvia King serves as Senior Pastor of Christ Centered Community Church, 531 Somerset Street, Johnstown, Pa. Pastor King began her ministry as an Ordained Elder within the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She is a graduate of Penn Highlands Community College with a degree in accounting and completed business management courses at Dale Carnegie University receiving the High Achievement Award. Pastor King is currently studying to complete her Business Management degree at St. Francis University. Pastor King is not only a pastor but has been employed at Ameriserv Financial Bank for over 20 years and currently holds position as office manager in the main branch office located in downtown Johnstown.  

In 2012, Pastor King was the recipient of the Greater Johnstown YWCA  Annual Tribute To Women “Yellow Rose Award”, an award chosen by the YWCA board of directors and  presented to a person who strives to create opportunities for women's growth, leadership and power to promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people.

Pastor King works relentlessly for the disenfranchised, displaced and excluded. She has helped many recognize that they are somebody in Christ and no one is to be excluded. Pastor King has implemented a youth mentorship program that teaches life skills through the game of chess as well as youth financial entrepreneurship classes. She also serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children within the foster care system. 

As a community advocate, Pastor King is a Bible teacher, trained HIV Prevention Counselor, Pastoral Counselor for the Department of Corrections. She has a passion to work extensively with Prison Ministry, for both men and women. In November of 2017, Pastor King won the seat on Johnstown City Council as the overall candidate.

Pastor King is the mother of one son, Brandon (married to Jessica Maxine King), who is a blessing to her life. Brandon is blessed by the LORD and an ordained pastor at Christ Centered Community Church. He is an extremely accomplished musician and also holds the office of Minister of Music at Christ Centered Community Church.


Prospect Citizens Council

Menorial Medical On-Call Clergy

Cambria County Corrections Pastoral Counseling

Court Appointed Advocate for Children (CASA)

Certified HIV Prevention Counselor

Certified Literacy Tutor

Community Sunday School Instructor

Cambria County Health & Welfare Council

Community Care Management

American Cancer Society / Joyce Murtha Breast Cancer Center


 Sylvia J. King

Senior Pastor