PASTOR'S VISION




 The vision of Pastor Sylvia King  is the cornerstone ministry of the Church.









At Christ Centered Community Church we believe that Kingdom Work begins in the community. Therefore we have implemented programs that service the whole family and the individual as a whole. Our services include but are not limited to the following:


General Health Education

Physical Fitness

Nutritional Education


HIV Prevention, Counseling and Testing

Abstinence Education

Mentoring and spiritual Counseling to Incarcerated Individuals

Mentoring and Peer Counseling for those in D/A Recovery Programs


Voters Registration Assistance


Adult Literacy

Boy/Cub Scouts

Youth Entrepreneurship

Homework help for Parents

 Chess Club


All services are provided at no cost to the participant. We have found that our need to provide these services has increased. The demographic of persons residing in our community has changed drastically over the years. Because of, the influx of drug and alcohol treatment centers as well as correctional transitional centers the face of the community has changed. We now find ourselves in a distressed status. That status has infected the culture of our neighborhoods. The Church strives to build a continuum of services that will aid in alleviating the distress status of the community.

Christ Centered Community Church reaches out to these individuals by providing holistic services to the entire family. We see firsthand the broken family unit. Our goal is to improve the outcome of the entire family by providing programs that support to the entire family unit. Currently, we have partnerships with The Greater Johnstown School District, Goodwill Industries, New Day, Penn’s Wood Boy Scout Council, YMCA, MH/MR, Cambria County D/A, PA Dept. of Health, Conemaugh Hospital Community Care Management Program (HIV/AIDS), Johnstown Free Medical Clinic, Cambria County Judges, Kernville Community Action, Cambria County Child Development, Beginnings Early Intervention and the Community Foundation of the Southern Alleghenies. Our programming helps to identify and increase the capacity of individuals’ that live in distressed environments.


The mission of Christ Centered Community Church (CCCC) is to support, improve and implement projects and programs that will improve and transform the lives of persons who are living in a physical, spiritual, emotional and mentally distressed environment. We will continue to build a culture that will foster individuals to focus on achieving life changing results. The church currently has a continuum of care in place with its partnerships. We make referrals and effectively implement solutions that effect individuals from birth to death. Our programming is strategic in nature for we strive to build an infrastructure that offers resources and solutions that go beyond the neighborhood.  



In the Service of the Lord,